Have you tried massage to help with pd related rigidity?

Teresa Lindgren asked a question: Have you tried massage to help with pd related rigidity?
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💄 Can massage combat the rigidity of parkinson?

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2007 3:54 am Post subject: Neck and shoulder stiffness : Parkinson's I refer to above article. Besides doing arms stretching,walk upright and swing your arms if you could go down yourself in the pool three feet deep (below the surface of the water) to massage your body stiffness and rigidity for half an hour daily.

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It partially covers speech therapy, OT, and PT, but not massage therapy. In terms of massage helping rigidity, it does … a little … but it’s not long-lasting. It would probably help more if I could go every day. 🙂 Unfortunately, it doesn’t help with muscle cramping or spasms.

Rigidity, or the stiffness and inflexibility of the limbs, neck or trunk, is one of the primary motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD). Although, not all patients with PD experience rigidity. 1 This rigidity can be uncomfortable or painful and may contribute to a reduced range of motion.

I understand what you are saying, it’s similar for me, I too use CBD oil and it works great, as well as magnesium, but I have found that keeping moving as much as I can throughout the day reduces some of my rigidity and muscle tension .

Rigidity, while seldom the main symptom early in Parkinson’s, is experienced as a stiffness of the arms or legs beyond what would result from normal aging or arthritis. Some people call it “tightness” in their limbs. Stiffness can occur on one or both sides of the body and contribute to a decreased range of motion. This can lead to problems with achiness or pain in the muscles or joints ...

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery was first approved in 1997 to treat Parkinson’s disease (PD) tremor, then in 2002 for the treatment of advanced Parkinson's symptoms. More recently, in 2016, DBS surgery was approved for the earlier stages of PD — for people who have had PD for at least four years and have motor symptoms not adequately controlled with medication.

Muscle rigidity in connection to that is helped by Marjoram essential oils which are very relaxing to the muscles and Basil which is an anti-spasmodic. Use them in a massage or put them directly on the skin over the spine, on the soles of the feet and specifically on areas of the skin where the tension itself is present in the muscles.

For centuries, natural heated springs and spas were a solution for those suffering a variety of ailments, and doctors prescribed “taking the waters” to deal with pain and discomfort. Today, water therapy continues to be a widely recognized form of therapy for many conditions, including Parkinson’s disease.

Many people with Parkinson’s aren’t clear about how an OT can help them with daily living. If you’re wondering if an OT could help you, this is for you. Physical Therapy. Physical therapy can help people improve strength, flexibility and mobility. And it can also decrease stiffness and pain related to Parkinson’s.

Massage is widely believed to enhance muscle recovery after intense exercise, even though scientific evidence is lacking, according to a new report in the April issue of the British Journal of ...

Massage may be able to help people with diabetes lower blood sugar levels, improve circulation, and deal with neuropathy symptoms. More research is needed to best understand what type of massage ...

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