Lymphatic massage or endermologie after lipo?

Karli Price asked a question: Lymphatic massage or endermologie after lipo?
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💄 Lymphatic massage after lipo needed?

Therefore, plastic surgeons highly recommend manual lymphatic massage for their liposuction patients. Lymphatic drainage massage helps with the swelling and inflammation which otherwise may result in fibrosis (a permanent hardening of the tissue) or a seroma (pocket of fluid).

💄 Is lymphatic massage good after lipo?

While lymphatic massage is not required to achieve beautiful results from VASERlipo, or any liposuction procedure, some patients find that it helps them heal more quickly and makes their full results visible more speedily.

💄 What is lymphatic massage after lipo?

  • Lymphatic Massage after Liposuction. Channels are formed by the cannula that can fill up with fluid and the tissue also becomes swollen. Manual Lymphatic Massage helps to move the fluid by gently pumping it back into the lymph vessels. Reducing the swelling can reduce discomfort and may reduce contour irregularities after a liposuction procedure.

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Answer: Lymphatic drainage or endermologie worthless after liposuction. These techniques are worthless. As a matter of fact, if done to aggressively they might actually do harm… Hi there thanks for your question about post-op massage after liposuction. In general, ...

Endermologie has many uses. Endermologie by LPG act like a more superficial version of lymphatic drainage. Some Doctors also use it as a compliment to liposu...

Answer: Massage after Liposuction. Massaging is very effective to help get the swelling out, and even out the results after liposuction. I recommend my patients start massaging generally about 2-3 weeks after liposuction. That is when it can start to become tolerable, and some of the swelling has diminished.

Endermologie technique is highly operator dependent and successful in over 80% of patients as an alternative to and after liposuction. Excellent technique and psychological motivation by the therapist improves the results and active participation and cooperation by the patient is essential, much like in dieting and exercise.

By stimulating the lymphatic system, Endermologie encourages your body to drain excess fluids, which reduces swelling and inflammation and shortens liposuction recovery time. Because it’s a form of massage therapy, the treatment can also help relieve muscle aches and pains, along with improving skin tone and general circulation.


After completing a course of endermologie treatment, this cellulite is no longer visible and the skin looks healthier, smoother, and more radiant due to the endermologie deep massage stimulating the circulation of blood in the target area. Another area that we use endermologie on our clients is the face.

Endermologie Lipomassage is an excellent alternative to liposuction. However, the cost of the sessions can prove to be a problem. Prices vary per clinic and can range around $1,600. If you are looking to lose weight, natural supplements made with clinically tested ingredients may be a better option.

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Swelling and lumps after lipo. Wait about a month or two for most of the swelling to go down, and it will take a few weeks after that for contour irregularities to resolve. With patience, you’ll see the treated areas improve with healing. (Ronald Levine, MD, Toronto Plastic Surgeon) Swelling after liposuction usually takes 3-6 months to resolve.

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Can i do my own lymphatic massage after lipo?

Our innovative after lipo surgery massage roller was specifically designed as an easy-to-use self-massaging roller for post-liposuction procedures and to assist with lymphatic drainage and swelling.

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How often to get lymphatic massage after lipo youtube?

Are lymphatic massages needed after surgery? Doctor Lipo breaks down why lymphatic massages should be highly considered after surgery. Dr. Lipo even states ...

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What is lymphatic massage after lipo and tummy tuck?

Plastic surgeons frequently recommend Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) after liposuction, or after abdominoplasty with liposuction (a ‘tummy-tuck’). If you have multiple procedures simultaneously (liposuction, breast work and tummy tuck), MLD will be even more necessary to address swelling and tissue hardness.

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Are lymphatic massages necessary after lipo?

While lymphatic massage is not required to achieve beautiful results from VASERlipo, or any liposuction procedure, some patients find that it helps them heal more quickly and makes their full results visible more speedily.

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Are lymphatic massages painful after lipo?

Q: Is Lymph Drainage Massage Painful? A: Performed properly it is not painful. The Vodder Technique is the most respected method of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) over the world.

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How many lymphatic massages after lipo?

But this same surgeon is correct in suggesting that there is likely little to no scientific evidence supporting massage of any type after liposuction. The question isn’t whether manual lymphatic drainage can reduce swelling – it can.

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Massage after lipo?

Massage After Liposuction For localized swelling, we recommend a pressing type massage. This often occurs in the lower abdomen and inner thighs. For generalized skin hardening, where there is not necessarily a bulge to treat but just a “woody’ feeling to the skin,...

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How often to get lymphatic massage after lipo and bbl?

It is always best to ask your PS what they recommend. I have my patients start the 2nd week after surgery with massage to only the areas liposuction not the areas with fat transfer. They get 1-2 per week for 4 weeks. Make sure that you find a certified lymphatic masseuse.

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How often to get lymphatic massage after lipo boston ma?

Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage massage is also called lymphatic massage, lymph massage, post liposuction massage or post-lipo care. This procedure is an exceptionally light stimulation to the body that encourages lymph flow. Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage is good for detoxification, edema, pre- and post-plastic surgery and post-liposuction.

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How useful are lymphatic massages after lipo?

How important is a lymphatic massage after liposuction? “When there’s an ‘injury’ to the body—in this case, liposuction—the body stimulates lymphatic flow to the area. It’s bringing in white blood cells to the tissue and carrying away waste,” explains Dr. Su.

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How often to get lymphatic massage after lipo and tummy tuck?

Many cosmetic surgeons will recommend having a lymphatic massage around three to four weeks after the surgery to help the patient cope with any discomfort because of the lymphedema. Benefits of getting a lymphatic massage after tummy tuck Getting a lymphatic massage after a tummy tuck reduces the risk of swelling and bruising on the surgical site.

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Are lymphatic massages safe after tummy tuck/lipo?

How long does it take for lymphatic system to heal after tummy tuck? A: yes, the healing process after these types of procedure is between 3 to 6 months. If it has been over a month since your procedure you can still get the smoothing benefits of MLD but you won’t get the same results as if you had your drainage in the first week.

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How many lymphatic massages are recommended after lipo?

A general recommendation is to have three to five massage treatments, but some patients may experience benefits from as few as one to two treatments.

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Why do you need lymphatic massages after lipo?

Plastic surgeons often recommend manual lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction. It is believed to decrease recovery times and improve results, by reducing post-surgical swelling and scarring. But is manual lymphatic drainage after liposuction really warranted? For which patients?

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How many lymphatic massages do i need after lipo?

Some patients get 1-6 treatments post-operatively and that is enough, especially if the only area of liposuction was the legs, knees, or flanks. People getting liposuction to the abdomen often find they require up to 12 sessions.

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Why do you need lymphatic massages after lipo injection?

When do I need to start having lymphatic drainage massage after my liposuction surgery? Each patient is different so are their circumstances. While some patients are advised to start as early as 3 days after the surgery, some are advised to wait for 2 weeks, even one month.

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Why do you need lymphatic massages after lipo removal?

Lymphatic drainage massages after liposuction can be very beneficial. They will speed up recovery, prevent and help heal any scarring. And the most obvious, it will reduce the swelling around the treated area. If a patient finds themselves with a lot of swelling and doesn’t properly tend to the issue, there could be unwanted aesthetic results ...

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Why do you need lymphatic massages after lipo treatment?

That's why a post lipo massage is need it... Benefits of Getting a Lymphatic Drainage Massage: relax the body, reduce scarring, relieve pain, reduce post-surgical swelling, prevents fibrosis formation, strengthen the immune system, and remove toxins from tissues. When Is Better To Get A Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

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Why do you need lymphatic massages after lipo before and after?

The lymphatic drainage massage is a healing process and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Increased hunger and thirst. The lymphatic massage is very relaxing and cleansing. In a relaxed state where the fluids are flowing through your body at a healthier rate, your body will be more aware of the nutrients it needs.

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Lymphatic massage after bbl?

Swollen body parts and tightened skin around conglomerated lymph (lymphedema) will begin to loosen within the first and the 36 hours after the lymphatic massage. The swollen parts would ease-out, releasing tightened and hardened skins while the body enjoys calmness. Body aches are also supposed to start relieving you from that instance.

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Lymphatic massage after liposuction?

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage is frequently recommended by plastic surgeons during the recovery phase following cosmetic liposuction. This specialized form of massage is generally believed to decrease recovery time and improve results, by reducing post-surgical swelling and fibrosis (scar tissue formation).

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Can i massage myself after lipo?

Lymphatic massage can help decrease swelling. Try this 1 week after liposuction.

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How to massage stomach after lipo?

In most cases, the results should resolve, and although patients may feel some contour irregularities for a period of time, the end result ideally is quite smooth. After liposuction some people experience subcutaneous lumps, ripples and internal scarring that cause the contour of the body to be uneven.

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How to massage yourself after lipo?

Post-liposuction massage is crucial in order to maintain your liposuction results post-op. Listen to Dr Martin Jugenburg (... The surgery is only the beginning!

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