Will a massage therapist be disgusted by me if i'm fat?

Dominic Heller asked a question: Will a massage therapist be disgusted by me if i'm fat?
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I always wanted to get a massage, especially for my back, but I am very insecure about showing my body to a massage therapist, thinking "S/He must be disgusted by me, not willing to touch me, s/he will make fun of me inwardly and later with her/his friends, and anyway there wouldn't be a possibility to massage well due to all that fat, so don't you dare think about getting a massage, it will be too embarrassing!"

Because I’m feeling lazy today, I decided to write a mostly tongue-in-cheek post about things your massage therapist may not tell you. Warning: Contains brutal honesty aimed at less then 1% of massage clients. It’s mostly a backwards way of telling you how awesome you are if you don’t do these things or are concerned that you might.

Massage therapists are uniquely qualified to address several of the most fundamental health concerns of obese clients. Learn what techniques are particularly helpful in treating chronic pain and improving range of motion as well as alternative methods in addressing some of the practical considerations in ensuring sessions are both comfortable and beneficial to the client.

In such cases, I'm totally disgusted and will likely give you a less-than-average-level massage, just so you don't get the wrong idea. Don't Blow It: Masturbate Before Your Appointment Just so no one is confused: This is something I am asking you to do.

One more important point: Massage therapy is a safe, clean, professional and quite effective treatment for many ailments. Simple and natural, it relieves pain, discomfort, headaches, muscle spasm, and so many other problems they many people seek medical care for; often wasting time and money searching for the perfect cure.

Again folks, as a community of well-meaning massage & wellness therapists, let us not allow history to repeat itself! As was proven here, clients most often won’t tell you to your face they are unhappy with their massage from you, and you’ll never know why they were unhappy.

It took years for me to be comfortable getting a massage and my friend Amy was instrumental in that. Since then, I’ve received a lot of massages and I have the same thoughts every time: Thank you for not judging me and my body. Even if my massage therapist is judging me by chance, they never act like it or show it. My insecurities are running through my mind the whole time: I know I’m fat.

Being self-conscious and embarrassed about their bodies is common. When someone says they are too overweight for massage, often they mean that they would be embarrassed about being seen unclothed. Some feel like a therapist would be disgusted to touch them. I have good news! Your massage therapist is NOT judging you.

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When having a massage, Its normal to be asked to remove you clothing down to your underpants/ briefs, but your therapist will always protect your modesty from leaving the room while you undress ...

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Best therapy massage ever. Went to see Jodye for a relaxing deep tissue massage however I had hurt my back so it was a very timely visit. Jodye worked magic on various areas, explained what could be happening and gave me exercises and tips to get better sleep.

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Hand jobs, blow jobs, golden showers...we don't do sexual favors. While there is such a thing as erotic massage, expecting this to happen can be insulting to your massage therapist.

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Dr. John Epley designed a series of movements to dislodge the crystals from the semicircular canals. These movements bring the crystals back to the utricle, where they belong. This treats the symptoms of vertigo. The original Epley maneuver was designed to be done with a healthcare provider. The home Epley maneuver is similar.

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Starting Sept 2014 – BCBS will pay massage therapists. Indiana. Car Accidents. Workers Comp. Health Insurance. Iowa. Car Accidents. Workers Comp. Health Insurance. Kansas. Car Accidents. Workers Comp. Health Insurance. Kentucky. Car Accidents – Yes. Workers Comp. – Yes. Health Insurance. Louisiana. HCP – NO

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If you are eligible for services from osteopaths, chiropractors, occupational therapists, and physical therapists who also use massage techniques, these visits may be covered by your insurance. There is no standard requirement for insurance companies to reimburse expenses for massage.

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