Will crack in silk dome tweeter affect sound?

Sonny Hirthe asked a question: Will crack in silk dome tweeter affect sound?
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💄 How does a silk dome tweeter work?

In this video I am explaining the important things you need to look for when choosing a dome tweeter for your speaker.The tweeter is the easiest speaker driv...

💄 What's the maximum power of a silk tweeter?

Silk speaker domes can handle nominal power anywhere between 5 and 150 watts, with 450 watts of peak power capability, so the SPR-10TW is well suited to high-powered sound systems. An adjustable...

💄 Are silk dome tweeters actually silk?

Are silk dome tweeters actually silk? Is the material they are made of genuine silk or is that just the type of 'weave' they do ? For example with YG Acoustics.

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Dents or dimples in a tweeter do affect the sound, otherwise why is endless research spent on generating just the right shape of a dome. Most times a dimple in a fabric dome tweeter can be can be fixed if caught i time, if it has been sitting too long then the dimple becomes "permanent' or at least will leave a crease if reshaped to original shape.

Re: Does a tweeter with dents affect speaker's sonic quality??? the dome shape is for rigidity and distortion purposes, more than it is for dispersion. A damaged metal dome needs replacement. The distortion can be heard as 'spitty' treble, at the least. The more minor the dent, the more difficult it is to discern as a distortion, generally.

It's happened to us all. A kid or an adult mistakenly pushes in the dome of a metal or soft tweeter and bingo! We're out of luck. What happens if we pop it b...

Slight creases shouldn't really affect the sound, they are more aesthetic problems than anything If they are metal domes, you could try laying a piece of tape over the entire affected area and slowly and gently peeling it off - this should pull out any remaining ripples. Be careful not to push the domes in again when you do this though!

I don't know if a tweeter operates in a pistonic mode or if it's all in the dome or both but there's movement there either way so I would guess the potential is there for a slight change in sound. With that said, it would seem like temperature changes, especially for those with dash mounted tweeters that might hit 120F would have much more of an effect on the dome material than breakin but who knows.

Tweeter Dome Material Myths. All of us take for granted lots of modern marvels, but it nevertheless still impressed me in that instant that a tiny reciprocating electro-mechanical motor– the voice coil of the Axiom M22 tweeter–moves a titanium dome back and forth 10,000 times per second to precisely reproduce that convincing triangle sound.

A dented tweeter can be repaired but its performance will be permanently compromised. It's usually possible to suck dents back out (of which more later), but the bottom line is that once dented, the tweeter will be damaged and never perform exactly as intended. I'm afraid the only way to regain perfect performance is to replace the damaged tweeter.

Is there a difference? Well, yes. There's a tiny difference. About 1/2 a dB between 1.8 kHz and 2.5 kHz. IS that difference meaningful? Not if you consider that the response of the tweeter is attenuated by about 12dB at those frequencies. Does the cap have any affect at higher frequencies where the tweeter's performance is important? No. None. Zilch. Nada.

Tweeters. We have a great selection of replacement cone tweeters, piezo horns, compression drivers, soft dome, mylar dome, and titanium dome tweeters. Choose the best matching replacement or upgrade with a higher quality driver to fit your repair project or next custom design.

Silk and silk-blend tweeters tend to sound warm, mellow, and refined. And silk is commonly used in good-quality home speakers to achieve a balanced, lifelike tone in the music. Silk tweeters designed for high power handling are often reinforced with synthetic materials that add extra stiffness for improved damping, so they can pump out the volume while still keeping things smooth and maintaining accuracy.

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How smooth are silk dome tweeters for sale?

Some are around a 30kHz, which makes them as smooth as a silk dome, but with less distortion than silk domes. So the thing to remember about a metal dome is, that it’s a tricky one to do well. But when the engineering and execution come together, it can simply tick all the boxes and blow your socks off. Soft Dome Tweeters

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Which is better silk dome or aluminum tweeters?

  • As you might guess, good silk dome tweeters prouduce a silky smooth sound. They can't play as high as aluminum or titanium tweeters though, but can usually still play through the entire range of audible tones in most cases. Http://www.cardomain.c...

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1” liquid-cooled silk/polymer dome. High-quality, smooth sound. Cons: No built-in attenuation settings. Lower frequency limit can cause compatibility issues. 7. Alpine SPR-10TW 1-inch Silk Ring Dome Car Audio Component Tweeters

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What's the best way to clean silk dome tweeters?

This may have in some way damaged the voice coil or the voice coil structure. It is very difficult to say. As an experiment, you might try tuning your AM/FM receiver …

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What's the difference between silk dome and metal tweeters?

  • Silk/soft dome tweeters on the other hand are generally thought of to be more "laid-back" and dark, again due to the nature of the material. In short, what this means is that metal tweeters are more flat at the higher frequencies, while silk/soft dome tweeters may rolloff at the higher frequencies.

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Do you need a bass blocker to use silk dome tweeters?

  • These tweeters are easy to install and require no additional purchase of a bass blocker because they have a built-in crossover. They are built of standard silk dome material and are by far the best we’ve seen. These dome tweeters are far more powerful than any original sound system and have lots of excellent reviews from users.

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Which is better for loudspeakers, metal or silk soft-dome tweeters?

Although horn tweeters have their time and place, we believe dome tweeters are better overall. It doesn't depend on its size and it's more durable. Sound qualities differ because horn tweeters are built for high frequencies. Dome tweeters are built for more balance in its frequency.

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Can silk tweeters sound brite?

Silk-dome tweeters tend to break up more often, but more gently. Some audiophiles feel that makes them more pleasing to the ear even when the break up mode is lower in the audio band than modes commonly seen in metal dome diaphragms.

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