Will plecos eat silk plants now?

Lorenz Ziemann asked a question: Will plecos eat silk plants now?
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đź’„ Will plecos eat silk plants?

They will also eat decaying aquarium plans, and will munch on some plants. My pleco loves munching on frogbit leaves. Do Plecos Eat Other Fish? No, plecos will not eat live fish, just because they can get away. Although, they can attack some fish if they are hungry. Common plecos often attack fish that have a rich slime coat. For some reason, plecos love munching on the slime coat of other ...

đź’„ Will plecos eat silk plants due?

Plecos and plants. Oct 4, 2008. Randall. Member. I recently set up a 55 gallon for my GT cichlid.It is lightly planted with some Vals,Java ferns,and a couple of unidentified rooted plants.There is black sand for substrate.I am think about getting a Pleco,but I am concerned it might uproot the plants.

đź’„ Will plecos eat silk plants in india?

Plecos, Loricariids, are not coprophagous scavengers. That is a fancy way of saying that they do not eat or clean up fish poop. Rather the opposite, they are prolific poop generators. If a scavenger of fish poop is what you want, a Scat is the only one I know. But they get rather large and like brackish conditions.

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Nor do they eat growing plants, although they will appreciate some vegetables in their diet and you should give them some zucchini or peas or other vegetable matter to eat and not just algae wafers and fish food. Sometimes small plecos have been known to become addicted to sucking the slime coats off of larger fish.

No, they won't eat plants. And generally, nothing will eat Anubias, the leaves are too thick; there are some exceptions, though.Bristlenose plecos will eat some film algae but not actual plants. Because of their size they're one of the safer plecos for plants, as some of the larger plecos can damage plants that get algae on them, even if they aren't deliberately eating them.

5 Best Aquarium Plants For Plecos in 2021: Reviews & Top Picks… it makes for an ideal plant to nibble on without fear of the whole plant being eaten. Now, because this plant grows so fast, it is recommended for larger tanks, or if you have a smaller tank, you will need to maintain Jungle Vallisneria properly, ...

I really do not know why people are saying Plecos don't eat plants. I have been watching mine destroy my plants. CHOMP CHOMP! I am going to try and get him some waffers. I did not know about them. He has recently started coming up to eat bloodworms too. He floats upside down and sucks the surface of the water.

I am thinking of setting up a planted tank for my second tank. I like biotope tanks, Right now i have a 55 gallon African River biotope...with baby whale , elephant nose fish, african knife fish and a Congo leaf fish...they all look awsome together. I plain on adding a delhezi poly and rope fish...

Yes, bristlenose plecos are OK with fake plants, but they definitely don’t prefer them over live plants. Moreover, real plants filter the water and produce oxygen, both things which fake plants cannot do. That said, if you really want to go for fake plants, it is recommended that you go with silk plants over plastic.

Hey I gave one of my pleco's, just your standard petsmart black pleco, and he has a tank full of plants. Will the pleco eat them or kill them? Any help would be much appreciated. Dan

Whether or not you choose to incorporate plants is up to you. Royal Plecos do fine with or without. However, if you do want to use plants, you need to make sure that they’re real. These fish are known to chew holes through plant leaves. They are unable to digest silk or plastic plant parts, which can result in an impaction.

all plants are mostly gone. im not happy at all. was never informed by the store, or most sites regarding SD info that they would eat plants. now im out 30$ in plants and one of the main things i wanted to do was keep the tank planted. looks beautiful and helps with the nitrogen cycle. but i guess the SD's have ruined that option. i like the SD's. it just sucks that my dreams of a planted tank ...

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